Killing the Water

Killing the Water


"‘You want to run off and join the Mukti Bahini, is that what you’re telling me? Her face turned grim. I’m not sure. I just want to be contributing something.’ War-torn 1971, Mani, seventeen, is talking to his mother. They have taken refuge on an island at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal, as their people fight to turn East Pakistan into Bangladesh. His father and brother have disappeared. What should Moni do? Mahmud Rahman’s stories journey from a remote Bengali village in the 1930s, at a time when George VI was King Emperor, to Detroit in the 1980s, where a Bangladeshi ex-soldier tussles with his ghosts while flirting with a singer in a blues club. Generous and empathetic in its exploration, Rahman’s lambent imagination extends from an interrogation in a small-town police station by the Jamuna river to a romantic encounter in a Dominican Laundromat in Rhode Island. Each of Rahman’s vivid stories says something revealing and memorable about the effects of war, migration and displacement, as new lives play out against altered worlds ‘back home’. Sensitive, perceptive, and deeply human, Killing the Water is a remarkable debut. "


216 Pages | ISBN13 9780143065036
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Mahmud Rahman
Mahmud Rahman
"Mahmud Rahman was born in Dhaka in 1953. His writing life began at twelve when he hammered out—with the help of a jerry-rigged Royal typewriter—six carbon copies of a newspaper and pasted them on the walls of his school in old Dhaka. He came of age in the midst of the upsurge of the late sixties that led to the creation of Bangladesh. During the 1971 war, he was a refugee in Calcutta. In his adult life, he has lived in US cities including Boston, Detroit, Providence and Oakland. He has worked as a factory worker, data entry operator, community organizer and database support techie. Since the early nineties his writing focus has shifted largely to fiction. The stories in Killing the Water were mostly completed between 1996 and 2008. During part of that time, he completed an MFA in creative writing from Mills College."
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