Ruckus on the Road

Ruckus on the Road


"WANTED A runaway girl, a donkey and a snarky boy travelling together DO NOT APPROACH THEM. HIGHLY TALKATIVE! They are said to be in possession of lethal fruit and wily schemes. If you spot them, call the lawmakers of Put-Put immediately! (Issued in the interest of the citizens, goats, chicken and other fauna.) When ten-year-old Inara meets Kian, an overconfident trickster, she knows that they are NOT going to be best friends for life. But with a diabolical villainess close on her heels and an impossible rescue mission to plan, she has no choice but to be part of his motley crew. Jump aboard if you're in the mood for a whole lot of mayhem!"


208 Pages | ISBN13 9780143334316
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Sanjana Kapur,Aparna Kapur
Sanjana Kapur,Aparna Kapur
"Sanjana Kapur is a children's writer who deals in tall tales, lively anecdotes and big pictures. Most of Aparna Kapur's friends are imaginary, and she is happiest when she's creating worlds and stories."
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