The Gory Story of GENGHIS Khan

The Gory Story of GENGHIS Khan

aka Don’t Mess With the Mongols


Warning: This story is not for the faint-hearted! This is a story, a gory story, about the founder of the Mongol empire, who was in equal parts a military genius as well as a bloodthirsty tyrant. Genghis Khan conquered more land in history than any other individual, and he did so on horseback! Wiping out about 11 per cent of the world’s population as he went. And he did other interesting stuff too—like introducing the use of paper money, a sophisticated spy network, gunpowder, compasses and, oddly enough, trousers. He also introduced Europe and Asia to each other! Don’t you want to get all the dirt on this Khan?


208 Pages | ISBN13 9780143427759
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Nayanika Mahtani
Nayanika Mahtani
Nayanika Mahtani is a copywriter by day and a storyteller by night. She lives in London with her husband, two daughters, and their two goldfish, Sushi and Fishfinger.
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