It Has Been Said and Rightly So

It Has Been Said and Rightly So

The Wisdom of the Panchatantra


"Evergreen animal fables, now in this classic keepsake edition Composed in Sanskrit in around 300 ce, the Panchatantra is one of the oldest collections of fables in the world. Devised for the purposes of teaching three dull-witted sons of a king, it strives to convey the principles of kingship and some valuable life lessons. Relive the joy of this enduring classic through this magnificent translation from the original that illuminates the wise, pithy and unexpectedly witty tales like never before. "


240 Pages | ISBN13 9780143334330
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Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma was a learned Brahmin scholar and a renowned teacher who composed the Panchatantra at the age of eighty.
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