The House that Spoke Zuni Chopra

The House that Spoke
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"Fourteen-year-old Zoon Razdan is witty, intelligent and deeply perceptive. She also has a deep connection with magic. She was born into it. The house that she lives in is fantastical—life thrums through its wooden walls—and she can talk to everything in it, from the armchair and the fireplace to the books, pipes and portraits! But Zoon doesn’t know that her beloved house once contained a terrible force of darkness that was accidentally let out by one of its previous owners. And when the darkness returns, more powerful and malevolent than ever, it is up to her to take her rightful place as the Guardian of the house, and subsequently, Kashmir. "

Book Pages : 256
ISBN13 9780143427841

Zuni Chopra

Zuni Chopra

Zuni Chopra is a fifteen-year-old author. Who has published two books of poetry.This is her first novel.

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