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Dance of the Weave

About the Book 

The photographs you see in Dance of the Weave are the result of an extensive journey that the artist undertook across the length and breadth of India over a period of five years. She visited dance schools and festivals, from the Uttar Kamalabari Satra monastery on the Majuli river island in the Brahmaputra river in Assam, which teaches Sattriya dance, to the C.V.N. Kalari gurukulam in Calicut, which instructs students in the martial art of Kalaripayattu to research classical, folk and tribal dances. She also visited weaving villages, documenting the dancers costumes and textiles and how a dancer inhabits textiles and plays with fabric through movement. By highlighting the drapes that are used in dance, Briana shows us how even a single piece of cloth that is used is still relevant in India. Her photographs celebrate textiles as well as the aesthetic of those who wear them.

About the Author 

Briana Blasko is a portrait photographer born in San Francisco in 1977. She has a BFA degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and before moving to India in 2008, she lived in New York, photographing contemporary dance for the New York Times. Her work throughout the Indian subcontinent captures the human body’s intimate patterns of movement in all its myriad hues, textures and moods. Her love for the camera and the relationship she shares with it, is deeply enmeshed in the landscapes and dances of India. Her photographs appear in numerous publications and books and have been exhibited at prestigious venues in India and abroad.


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