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Divine Guesture

About the Book

Divine Gesture: The Magnificence of Mewar Spirituality is undoubtedly an important art historical document. The book serves as a catalogue for the 308 sculptures that are a part of the collections of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur.

What makes this book unique is the fact that there is perhaps no gallery or catalogue that documents an unbroken tradition of sculptures, from the 7th century CE to the 20th century CE, from a specific region. The sculptures present a particular depiction of the magnificence and spirituality of Mewar, drawing from the larger metanarrative of Rajasthan’s grand temple-building tradition.

The singular iconography and the distinct stylistic and thematic content of the sculptures have been well explored and researched. A bouquet of five distinct essays presents a diverse range of scholarship, with each author bringing a fresh perspective to the art history of the region. The authors have narrated perspectives of art history, iconography, thematic, the very act of temple-building and custodianship. The readers, it is hoped, will be more informed about the regions rich history and its honest sharing of heritage. The book is a tribute to Mewar’s sculptures which, till recently were relatively unknown and not acknowledged for their grandeur.

About the Author 

Dr Alka Pande is currently a consultant art adviser and curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. She has written extensively on Indian aesthetics and culture.

272 pages | ISBN 9780670089000


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