Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We give words to what your brand stands for. Our team understands your brand and works to create high-quality, flagship content that cuts through the noise and installs your brand above the rest. From the moment you share your idea we are right beside you. We’ll nurture your story and support you at each step of the publishing process, connecting you with readers to make your book a success. With access to quality content and experienced professionals at Penguin Random House India, you can create the perfect product to ensure that your business makes a lasting impact.

Why publish with us?

Editorial Excellence
As one of the world’s premier English language publishers, Penguin has been home to some of today’s most revered names in fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, thanks to our dedicated team of editors.

Excellent Distribution and Market Clout
We have a phenomenal team of sales and distribution who work tirelessly to get a book the most number of avenues it can have. Whether it be online platforms or bookstores, our team makes sure the books reach their audience.

Dedicated Special Sales Team
To explore sales opportunities with brands and helping them tell a story, we have a dedicated team that takes care of custom publishing projects with corporates and institutions. Our experienced team ensures that your brand-story is told the way you had envisioned.

Impactful Marketing
Every day our marketing team goes an extra mile to ensure that the book receives seamless promotion on digital and on-ground platforms.

Unrivalled Publicity Expertise
Our team of publicists take the book to the world of readers through exciting book launches, author-talks, and numerous other on-ground activities.

Network of Authors
Penguin India is proud to have published some of the most eminent names such as Amartya Sen, Amitav Ghosh, Arundhati Roy, and many others. For custom publishing, we have access to top researchers and authors who can use their skills to tell your brand-story.

High Standard in Production and Design
We have a dedicated team of designers who make sure the covers of our books do not miss the reader’s eye. Our printers ensure that all our books pass quality checks and meet the international standards.

Our Commitment to Innovation
Be it the digital aspect or modern audio breakthroughs, our pledge to innovation while producing and taking wonderful stories to the people is unmatched.

Dedicated Digital Team
In this age of technology, we have made sure that our exciting presence on social media and other digital platforms takes our titles to where the readers get together. This also helps us manage the rapidly growing e-book business with strategic partnerships across a major group pf players.

How does it work?







What are the other services we provide?

Content Development: We have a good number of authors associated with us, writing on diverse topics, who can assist clients in developing content from the scratch.

Customization of our Existing Content: We can utilize our existing titles and customize (subjected to author’s and sister companies’ permission) the content to suit the client’s needs. These sales come under Special Sales. Customization could range from adding companies’ logo, page inserts, advertisements to reproducing the title through changing existing cover, splitting into volumes.

How to reach us?