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From England with Love

About the Book

In 1926–27, Kalidas Desai, a student of English literature at the University of Cambridge, wrote a letter every other week to his friend and colleague Vishnuprasad Trivedi. During one of her visits to Surat, his daughter Padma Desai was handed a metal box containing these letters, written in ink on brown decaying paper, the ruminations of a young Kalidas on a wide spectrum of topics: from his battles with Icelandic Norse and Scandinavian Anglo-Saxon languages to his great delight at attending the lectures of T.S. Eliot; from his enchantment with London, its theatres and cricket, to his deep appreciation of the English countryside; from the cultural and social contrasts between Britain and India to the general nature of love, religion and education. In From England with Love, Padma Desai presents a comprehensive selection of these letters. Detailed, picturesque and exquisitely crafted, Kalidas’s prose captures the ethos and zeitgeist of England in the mid-1920s, the trials and victories of an Oxbridge education almost a century ago, and the scholarly reflections of an Indian student in the midst of new and exciting adventures.

About the Author

Padma Desai is the Gladys and Roland Harriman Professor of Comparative Economic Systems and director of the Center for Transition Economies at Columbia University, New York. A leading scholar on the Russian economy, her publications include Conversations on Russia: From Yeltsin to Putin (2006), which was the Financial Times’ Pick of the Year in 2007. Her most recent book, on the current economic crisis, is From Financial Crisis to Global Recovery (2011). She is married to the economist Jagdish Bhagwati. Her awards include the Padma Bhushan, and an honorary doctorate from Middlebury College, USA.

240 Pages | ISBN13 9780670087822


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