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About the Book

Everything is determined by fate and God’s will. Growing up, Bansi Lal Nijhawan believed wholeheartedly in this quaint folk wisdom. And today, as a highly-respected name in the Indian travel industry, he has never had any reason to doubt the adage. This is the story of Bansi Lal’s journey to the top as he faced several obstacles—both personal and professional—but which he overcame with his wit and tact, helping many other people along the way. Despite his deep faith in destiny, he never left things to chance, instead, proactively taking risks to develop his career and, later on, his business.

This comprehensive biography tracks Bansi Lal’s life from his humble beginnings in the Royal Air Force to his rise as a successful businessman; we traverse the journey undertaken by an unsure boy who was one of eight children of a stationmaster and who eventually came into his own, making the world his oyster. At times sombre and at times funny, this is a poignant and inspiring portrait—of a common man with uncommon goals—for anyone who dreams big.

About the Author

Born in 1957, Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra has a master’s degree in specialized interpretation and translation from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her first novel, By Which We See All Colours, was published in 2007, and was presented at the Paris Book Fair in the same year. Back to Being Eligible, her second novel, and a selection of her poetry, Somebody to Love: A Short Collection of Poems, were both published in 2014. Mrinalini lives in New Delhi.


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