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The Warrior’s Mirror

About the Book

The greatest weapon a warrior takes into battle is neither a sword nor a shield, neither a spear nor a steed—but an invisible mirror that reflects the path to self-inquiry. By contemplating and analysing this reflection, the warrior becomes a better individual and a true leader. With every battle fought and every action performed, using this mirror to look within can greatly increase levels of consciousness.

The mirror is a potent weapon in the everyday battles we all have to fight. But how do we discover this mirror? Though we see it every day, we seldom realize that the world is our mirror. The reason we find fault with others lies within us, not them; our perception of the world around us is actually a reflection of who we are and what we believe in.

To clarify the concept of the ‘warrior’s mirror’, the author creates a character called Hercules, named after the fabled Greek hero. This modern-day protagonist is a common man who helps resolve the problems of the people he encounters, bringing happiness into their lives as well as his own. Ultimately he Attains the highest level of consciousness by learning to look into the warrior’s mirror.

About the Author

Sirshree has written over one hundred and fifty books and they have been translated in more than ten languages. He founded The Tej Gyan Foundation in 1997 to help people realise the true purpose of their life through a method of understanding known as the “existential wisdom of the ultimate truth”.


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