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Trusted by Generations, Tested by Time

About the Book

When the Indian cement industry came into being in 1904, no one would have predicted that a century later India would become the second largest producer of cement in the world. In fact, observing the first three decades of the industry where it had been severely tested by World War I and the recession that followed it, only a diehard optimist would have expected it to survive. That the industry not only survived but attained a position of eminence is largely attributable to the remarkable efforts of ACC, which was created specifically for this purpose on 1 August 1936 by the merger of ten cement companies.

Trusted by Generations, Tested by Time is not a critical assessment of ACC. It is a celebration of the company’s trials and triumphs over 75 years, during which it contributed generously to the development of the industry, the country, and the communities of which it has been a part. It is a salute to its remarkable spirit of tenacity, resilience and public spiritedness which has not only made ACC the torch-bearer of the industry but also ensures that it retains its position of pre-eminence.

About the Author

Abha and Anil Chaturvedi have been professors at IIM Lucknow and MDI Gurgaon and visiting professors at IIM Bangalore. They have researched extensively on Indian organizations and have published books and papers in the areas of organization sociology, business history, industrial relations and public administration. Their earlier work on the company titled ACC: A Corporate Saga was published in 1997 and distributed by Tata-McGraw Hill.


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