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Cobalt Blue

Jerry Pinto, Sachin Kundalkar, Sachin Kundalkar

A paying guest seems like a win-win proposition to the Joshi family. He’s ready with the rent, he’s willing to lend a hand when he...

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Ice With Very Unusual Spirits

Ruzbeh N Bharucha, Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

'He is a nonconformist, someone for whom spirituality is as freewheeling as breathing and who sees God as benevolent and non-threatening' Life PositiveDistraught and angry...

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Raja Rao

'The first literary manifesto to point to an Indian way of appropriating the English language' -Guardian Regarded as the first major Indian novel in English,...

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Pranay Lal

Did you know that the exquisite caves of Ellora were hewn from rock formed in the greatest lava floods the world has known-eruptions so enormous...

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The Big Book Of Treats

Pooja Dhingra, Pooja Dhingra

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Paulo Coelho

Linda, in her thirties, begins to question the routine and predictability of her days. In everybody’s eyes, she has a perfect life: happy marriage, children,...

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Puffin Book Of Poetry For Children

Puffin Book Of Poetry For Children

No other form of art can capture the range and diversity of human experience the way a poem can. Within these pages, you will find...

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