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Democracy on the Road

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Packed with anecdote and exuberant detail, In an Antique Land provides magical and intimate insights into Egypt from the Crusades to Operation Desert Storm. It...

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Following the form of the raga in Indian classical music, Amitav Ghosh slowly builds the tempo of The Circle of Reason. The first part spans...

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A fascinating and seductive writer!' -The Times In this extraordinary novel, Amitav Ghosh navigates through time and genres to present a unique tale. Beginning at...

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Amitav Ghosh

On 11 May 1998 the Indian government tested five nuclear devices some forty kilometers from Pokaran. Seventeen days later Pakistan tested nuclear devices of its...

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Imam and the Indian

Ghosh, Amitav

The Imam and the Indian is an extensive compilation of Amitav Ghosh's non-fiction writings. Sporadically published between his novels, in magazines, journals, academic books and...

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New in paperback!Through extraordinary first-hand accounts Amitav Ghosh presents a compelling chronicle of the turmoil of our times. Dancing in Cambodia recreates the first-ever visit...

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Exam Warriors

Exam Warriors

Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi is an inspiring book for the youth. Written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises,...

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