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7 Things to Add in Your Beauty Regime to Stay in Your A-Game

Roots to Radiance by Nikita Upadhyay is an anthology of wholesome beauty solutions for everyone. It is a self-care Bible to good skin, hair, teeth, nails and most importantly good health. With numerous hacks to enhance one’s system inside and out, the book talks about a mix of traditional Indian recipes and home remedies. These tips and hacks will leave you with a radiant skin and a healthier lifestyle.

Here we give you a few tricks to keep up your A-game:

Mix the coffee grounds with coconut oil and gently massage your body to exfoliate dead skin and get smoother body texture. The coarseness of coffee grounds helps exfoliate and polish your body.

Sapodilla, also known as chikoo, is such a humble fruit! It tastes yummy, but your face will love it too. Peel the chikoo and take the seeds out, crush the fruit and apply to your face to scrub and mask at the same time. This is quite a multitasker.

If your face gets dehydrated quickly after you leave your house, pour some distilled water in a spray bottle and add rose petals (desi gulab) to it and carry it in your bag. Spray on your face every once in a while to hydrate your skin on the fly and on the go instantly.

Apply kiwi peel to your face to cleanse and keep acne at bay. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C and is great for rejuvenating the skin and keeping excess oil out of the picture.

Just apply mashed avocado on your face and hydrate, reduce pigmentation, reduce puffiness around eyes and get even skin tone by doing this twice or thrice a week.

Add cucumber slices, lemon juice and mint leaves to water and drink it every morning to detox and get clearer skin.

Mix water and apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio to come up with the easiest solution that’ll tone your skin in no time. Using this in the morning and at night before sleeping will energize your skin.

Discover more such secrets in Nikita Upadhyay’s Roots to Radiance

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