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8 Nifty Ways in which You Can Mind your Money!

Financial Affairs of the Common Man presents a collage of the various aspects of personal finance management that every individual should pay heed to. It introduces the concepts that you must understand to effectively plan your finances, and provides the tools and the knowledge needed to do so.

Read this book, written with the common man in mind using easy-to-understand language, to understand the power of compounding and the effects of inflation on investments. It’s time to familiarize yourself with mutual funds and SIPs, and to gain a deeper insight into the making of personal balance sheets and income tax provisions

Here are some pointers from the book to help you invest and save smartly!

Invest in property through REITs, if not directly.

Keep a small amount of liquid cash at hand.

Invest some funds in easy-to-liquidate assets including a bit of gold.

Invest in assets/schemes/properties that can give a regular stream of alternative income in addition to your primary source of earning.

Take out an insurance policy of an adequate sum (including term plans) to protect your loved ones.

Get adequate medical insurance and free yourself from the stress and financial trauma arising from unforeseen illnesses or mishaps.

Devote a certain portion of your time to managing your money.

Invest in income-generating assets. The assets you accumulate over time can be divided into two types: performing and non-performing assets, that is, those that generate an income and those that lie idle. Try and invest in assets that have the potential to generate income.

Get money-wise and grab your copy of Financial Affairs of the Common Man today!





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