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Come, explore the places we worshipJoin Amma and her children as they travel to the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar. Take a tour through the...

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The Giver Of The Worn Garland Krishnadevaraya’s Amuktamalyada

Sri Krishnadevarya and Srinivas Reddy, Srinivas Reddy

'And below her hair, she would put on a garland and spend a few minutes just gazing into a pond, seeing her reflection and satisfying...

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A Life In Words

Ismat Chugtai, Ismat Chugtai (Tr. Asaduddin)

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Train To Pakistan

Khushwant Singh

It is the summer of 1947. But Partition does not mean much to the Sikhs and Muslims of Mano Majra, a village on the border...

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"How to tell a shattered story? By slowly becoming everybody. No. By slowly becoming everything.' The Ministry of Utmost Happiness takes us on a journey...

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Mrs Funnybones

Twinkle Khanna

"Full of wit and delicious observations, Mrs Funnybones captures the life of the modern Indian woman—a woman who organizes dinner each evening, even as she...

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In Search Of Sita

In Search Of Sita

Sita is one of the defining figures of Indian womanhood, yet there is no single version of her story. Different accounts coexist in myth, literature...

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