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All you Need to Know about our Amazing Armed Forces

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the armed forces, let the Our Amazing Armed Forces take you through this experience. From moving homes to making new friends, from deployment to reunion, from patriotism to tender family moments, these books go on to describe the daily lives of armed force officers and cadets.

Brimming with facts and impactful stories, read on to find out about the people and their families whose acts of heroism, both big and small make the armed forces exemplary:

  1. The Our Amazing Armed Forces show you what it takes to be in the military, not just for those who wear the uniform but for their families as well.

  2. These books will make readers aware of the experiences of children who have a parent or a family member in the armed forces and the sacrifices they make for our security.

  3. They describe the functions and the roles of different fields of armed forces that allow the readers to understand the sacrifice and efforts that the forces put into keeping our country safe.

  4. These books will allow you to understand the ranks and positions within the forces and the descriptions of their roles in the forces.

  5. They also come with details for museums and memorials where you can visit and get a closer experience with the armed forces.

  6. The Our Amazing Armed Forces series describe the bases with detailed diagrams that will help you understand the daily functioning and environments of these forces.

  7. The armed forces have their own special language. These books also have little dictionaries of the terms that you might encounter within these forces.


    My Father Is In The Indian Army,  My Mother Is In The Indian Air Force and My Sister Is In The Indian Navy– Our Amazing Armed Forces series is available now!

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