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Jasleen Dhamija

Jasleen Dhamija

Jasleen Dhamija's life has been closely linked with the cultural traditions. She began working with Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay from 15 November 1954 and travelled with her throughout the country, mapping the folk arts, crafts, textiles and performing arts. Kamaladevi opened many doors for her and she learnt of the shared richness of all the arts. For seventeen years she carried out pioneering in the revival of the traditions. Later she worked in the United Nations in Iran, Africa, Central Asia, Balkans and South East Asia.
Her exposure to the range of rich cultural traditions gave her an overall view of the different cultures.
She learnt from an early stage to appreciate the varying cuisines in India. Each region had their distinctive cuisines, which were influenced by the geo-climatic, socio-cultural traditions. Later when she travelled the world over she imbibed different cuisines and learnt to appreciate the different flavours, the aromas and the wellness that it imparted to the being.
Her first book was inspired by her exposure to different cuisines, as well as the importance of imbibing the food, which would be appropriate for the needs of the appropriate cuisine required by our bodily system based on the Ayurvedic system.

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