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Shabnam Virmani

Shabnam Virmani

Shabnam Virmani initiated the Kabir Project journeys in 2002 and has since been exploring the philosophy of Kabir and other mystics through a deep engagement with their oral folk traditions. Her inspiration and joy in this poetry and its wisdom has taken the shape of documentary films and a digital archive, songs and performances, translations and curations, urban festivals and rural yatras and more recently, infecting students with the challenge and wonder of mystic poetry. All this as part of her work at the Kabir Project in Srishti, Bangalore. Earlier she has worked on gender issues through journalism, video and radio work in the community.

Vipul Rikhi is a poet, translator and singer, immersed in the oral traditions of Kabir and other Bhakti and Sufi poets for years. He is the author of a novel, 2012 Nights, and a collection of poems, Bleed. He was a literature fellow at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Germany in 2010-11. In the course of the magical journeys with the Kabir Project, he developed a deep love for singing mystic poetry in the folk music traditions and now performs widely. He is currently based in Goa.

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