It Isn’t Nice to Be Angry (Dealing with Feelings)

It Isn’t Nice to Be Angry (Dealing with Feelings)


Find out how Grumps the angry goat decides to stop being angry

Grumps the goat gets angry with everyone and everything-all the time. All the animals try to reason with him, but when something goes wrong, he can't stop himself. One day, something happens that convinces Grumps that it's really not nice to be so angry. What is it that happens?

A unique series focusing on the well-being of young readers, Dealing with Feelings features Foggy Forest, a tiny forest inhabited by many fun little animals. These quirky creatures are always there for one another-helping each other overcome fear, anxiety, shyness and anger, together dealing with all the different feelings one goes through every day.


48 Pages | ISBN13 9780143440666
Sonia Mehta
Sonia Mehta
Sonia Mehta, co-founder and chief creative officer of Quadrum Solutions, has been creating content for children for the last two decades. Early in her career, she created and edited the children’s section for the Sunday Observer. Then she created and directed India’s first edutainment series combining books and music, the Flippo Collection. She has conceptualized and directed the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest, and has also authored several children’s activity books for Disney, the Chhota Bheem franchise as well as for several educational publishers. She has also authored books for CBSE and CISCE curricula and scripted over 200 children's modules for Tata Sky.
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