A Never-Before World

A Never-Before World

Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India


What does Consumer India look like in the third decade after liberalization, as India’s GDP approaches its third trillion? In her new book, Rama Bijapurkar, author of the bestselling We Are Like That Only, analyses the complex contours of India’s consumer economy—demand structure, supply environment, income demographics, social and cultural changes and much more—and pinpoints the existing opportunities, the unserved needs, the incorrect assumptions, the minefields of the future and the strategy imperatives needed to ride this next big wave of opportunity. For businesses and investors betting on India’s future, for policymakers and regulators shaping the new India and for all those curious about India’s progress, this is an immensely insightful and utterly realistic assessment of one of the biggest growth markets in the world.


368 Pages | ISBN13 9780143423522
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Rama Bijapurkar
Rama Bijapurkar
Rama Bijapurkar is one of India’s most respected thought leaders on market strategy and India’s consumer economy. She is also a keen commentator on social and cultural change in post-liberalization India. She has her own strategy consulting practice and works with an impressive list of Indian and global companies and serves as an independent director on the boards of several of India’s blue-chip companies. Rama writes extensively in the media and is a dominant voice on issues relating to India’s business, consumers and polity. Her book We Are Like That Only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India has been widely acclaimed. The international edition Winning in the Indian Market: Understanding the Transformation of Consumer India has been translated into Hindi and Mandarin. She is also the author of Customer in the Boardroom? Crafting Customer-based Business Strategy.
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