Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

What Every Smart Manager Must Have for Success in an Information Age


"Digital intelligence—the ability to understand and use the power of information technology—is becoming critical for organizations and managers to thrive in the global marketplace. The digital revolution is impacting almost every industry, functional area and business process, as shown by innovative market entrants such as Uber and Airbnb. Success in the digital economy will require leaders and managers to invest in their own digital intelligence and that of their teams to navigate ongoing transformations. Digital intelligence should form a key component of any organization’s strategy to survive and compete effectively. Technical skills and knowledge are important in any dynamic and growing economy, but especially in economies like India, where technology provides a way to leapfrog competitors and accelerate growth. In such economies, managing and nurturing digital intelligence is not only key for economic success, but also necessary to achieve sustainable development for millions of consumers and workers at the base of the pyramid. This remarkable book, by an expert and leading scholar on digital strategy, tells you how to innovate digitally and make your organization future-ready. "


392 Pages | ISBN13 9780670089079
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Sunil Mithas
Sunil Mithas
Dr Sunil Mithas (PhD, University of Michigan) is a professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and a leading expert on strategies for managing innovation and excellence for corporate transformation. He was identified as a 2011 MSI Young Scholar by the Marketing Science Institute. Sunil experienced first-hand the transformational journey of the Tata group, both as an employee and as one of the early assessors of the Tata Business Excellence Model. He speaks frequently at industry events and has researched or consulted with organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Lear, A.T. Kearney, and the US Census Bureau.
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