Do Better With Less

Do Better With Less

Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Growth


This groundbreaking book, by the bestselling authors of Jugaad Innovation, shows how India can harness the three megatrends -- the sharing economy, the maker movement and the circular economy -- and disruptive technologies such as AI and 3D printing to generate jobs and drive inclusive and sustainable growth in the decades to come.
The world faces a stark challenge: meeting the needs of over 7 billion people without bankrupting the planet. India, with its large population and limited resources, is at the very epicentre of this challenge. It also offers a creative way out. Its resilient jugaad mindset, dynamic ecosystem of start-ups and enterprises, and the practice of NGOs and governments working together promises not only to meet its own requirements in a sustainable way but also the needs of billions around the world.
Packed with over fifty case studies, Do Better with Less offers six proven principles that Indian entrepreneurs and businesses can use to co-create frugal solutions in education, energy, healthcare, food and finance that are highly relevant to India and the world.
This book is India's guide to claiming global leadership in frugal innovation.


400 Pages | ISBN13 9780670092482
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Navi Radjou
Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is a Silicon Valley­-based innovation and leadership thinker who advises senior executives worldwide on inclusive and sustainable growthstrategies. He has co-authored the international bestsellers JugaadInnovation:ThinkFrugal,BeFlexible,GenerateBreakthrough GrowthandFromSmartToWise: Acting and Leading With Wisdom.

Jaideep Prabhu is professor of marketing and Jawaharlal Nehru professor of Indian business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He has a BTech from IIT Delhi and a PhD from the University of Southern California

Jaideep Prabhu
Jaideep Prabhu
Jaideep Prabhu is the Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He has taught executives from ABN Amro, Bertelsmann, BP, BT, IBM, ING Bank, Nokia, Philips, Roche, Shell, Vodafone, and Xerox.
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