Are villains born, made, or made up?


Duryodhana was a man of strong character and integrity.
Duhsshasana was respectful, generous and kind towards women.
Shakuni was a simple man who loved his subjects unconditionally.
Dhana Nanda, Aurangzeb and Hitler possessed admirable leadership traits.
'Duryodhanization' refers to the birth and processes of development of a villainous character-whether in works of history or mythology. In this book, Uppal ekes out the dark side of management and leadership by studying fascinating characters from the Mahabharata. He probes into what it really means to be a villain, and if villainous traits are inherent or cultivated.
Original and thought-provoking, the book draws from history, mythology and literature, and unpacks the process of villainization through the character of the legendary villain, Duryodhana.


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Nishant Uppal
Nishant Uppal
Nishant Uppal is an associate professor at Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. He is a fellow in management in organizational behaviour and human resource management from Indian Institute of Management Indore.
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