Game India

Game India

Seven Strategic Advantages That Can Catapult India to Wealth


Game India is an ambitious and engaging book which outlines seven key strategic growth areas for India. Bhaskar tells it through the companies and people who have propelled growth in these industries in the past-for example, Verghese Kurien (milk), the Pais (banking), Tanishq (gold), De Beers (diamonds) and so on.

The book aims to unearth India's strategic advantages; explore what has been done (or not done) to exploit them; what potential they hold out for people; and how they could redefine the game for this country.

Very well-researched, backed by personal anecdotes and industry lore which Bhaskar has been privy to for many years, Game India is essential reading for every Indian looking ahead.


272 Pages | ISBN13 9780670090884
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R.N. Bhaskar
R.N. Bhaskar

R.N. Bhaskar is a senior business journalist with over thirty years of news experience. He has, over the course of his career, been executive editor, Financial Express, and founder and COO of the information company of the Indian Express Group. In December 1998, he gave up full-time journalism to work with the corporate sector. After heading a listed company, he decided to set up his own satellite broadcast company for promoting distance learning. He gave away his technology and equipment to Don Bosco in 2005 and has since then opted to be consulting editor with various publications-including (part of the German, Forbes India, DNA,, Free Press Journal and He was also adviser with the Observer Research Foundation for a couple of years.
Bhaskar is closely involved with policy research and has a keen interest in education. He has been on committees advising the government of Maharashtra on vocational education, was adviser with the board of governors at Sophia College and is adviser, distance learning, at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He teaches at various management institutes in India and overseas. He organizes and moderates panel discussions on policy for various industry sectors as well. He lives in Mumbai.

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