Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting

Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting

Creating the Magic of Radical yet Sustainable Transformation


India prides itself on leapfrogging, but there are scientific studies that have shown that the frog leaps because he is afraid of a predator. Pole-vaulting, on the other hand, requires preparation-it is an extreme form of innovation which yields 10x improvement in results.

From Leapfrogging to Pole-vaulting looks at the extraordinary challenges of creating disruptive solutions to burning problems in energy, environment and employment in India. We are guzzling expensive, exhaustible energy resources and precipitating enormous environmental crises in order to drive an economic engine that ultimately creates no jobs.

In this original and ambitious book, Dr Mashelkar and Pandit lay out a comprehensive roadmap to a new future, notwithstanding all the formidable obstacles, either perceived or real. The result of pole-vaulting could be radically transformative-it could be inspiring, and it could be game changing, not just for India but for the world.


304 Pages | ISBN13 9780670089956
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RA Mashelkar
RA Mashelkar

R.A. Mashelkar is the chairman of the National Innovation Foundation and president of the Global Research Alliance (GRA). One of India's most eminent scientists, he has been honoured with the Padma Shri (1991), the Padma Bhushan (2000) and the Padma Vibhushan (2014).

Ravi Pandit is the co-founder and chairman of KPIT Technologies Ltd.

Ravi Pandit
Ravi Pandit
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