Mysteries in Management

Mysteries in Management


"Can managerial productivity be measured? In management, we continue to take many things for granted and not question the ‘unthought, unexplained knowns’. Why are women under-represented in parliament and in several corporate boards? Is management an art, a science or a craft? Most practitioners merely skim over these conundrums, without ever delving into it. Professor Ajeet N. Mathur has designed an exciting, new course titled ‘Mysteries in Management’ for the flagship MBA (PGP) programme at IIM Ahmedabad, in which selected mysteries that continue to persist in the field of management are discussed. This book includes ten carefully selected mysteries and the author, armed with credible research and revealing examples, tries to demystify them. Accessible and eminently readable, the logic behind these will surprise and delight readers in equal measure. "


264 Pages | ISBN13 9788184006995
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