Some Sizes Fit All

Some Sizes Fit All


An oft-repeated dictum every time a company fails to replicate its past successes when introducing a new product or entering a new market is that one size does not fit all. Business gurus advise that every new situation, market and environment calls for a fresh approach and requires 'unlearning' what one might have learnt elsewhere, even if that had met with great success. While this statement may appear to be obvious, it is often quoted out of context. The fact is that certain fundamentals of business-irrespective of line of business, geography or scale-are universally applicable.
Some Sizes Fit All is an attempt to explain these fundamental pillars for any kind of business. An authentic and lucid presentation of management concepts and practices-which Akhil Gupta has tried and tested first hand through his illustrious career-this is a must-read for anyone trying to build a robust and financially sound business.


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Akhil Gupta
Akhil Gupta
Akhil Gupta, a chartered accountant by qualification with over thirty years of professional experience, is the vice chairman of Bharti Group and executive chairman of Bharti Infratel Limited. He has played a pivotal role in Bharti's phenomenal growth right since inception and has been closely involved from the very beginning in its growth in the telecommunication services sector-both organically and by way of various acquisitions. He has led the formation of various partnerships with leading international operators like British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Singapore Telecom and Vodafone, in addition to the induction of leading financial investors like Warburg Pincus, Temasek, KKR, Qatar Foundation Endowment, AIF and Sequoia, among many other private equity funds.
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