The Suriani Kitchen

The Suriani Kitchen


"Since ancient times, the lure of spices has drawn seafarers and traders to Kerala. Today, spices still draw both travellers and gourmands to this rich culinary heritage. It is this legacy that The Suriani Kitchen brings us. Featured here are savoury delights such as Meen Vevichathu (fish curry cooked in a clay pot), Parippu (lentils with coconut milk) and Thiyal (shallots with tamarind and roasted coconut). Equally mouth-watering are a variety of rice preparations such as Puttu (steamed rice cake) and Paalappam (lace-rimmed pancakes) and tempting desserts like Karikku Pudding (tender coconut pudding) and Cherupayaru Payasam (mung bean porridge). Authentic and easy to execute, these recipes are accompanied by a guide to spices, herbs and equipment, as well as a glossary of food terms. Interwoven with these recipes, in the best tradition of a cookbook memoir, are tales of talking doves, toddy shops, travelling chefs and killer coconuts, making it a delicious, memorable read. "


256 Pages | ISBN13 9780143429265
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Lathika George
Lathika George
"Lathika George is a Mumbai-born Syrian Christian from Kanjirappally in Kerala. She often refers to herself as ‘an accidental cookbook writer’, since a fortuitous meeting with a publisher in New York led to the writing of her cookbook memoir. A landscape designer, environmentalist and organic gardener, she writes about travel, design and the environment for several publications. Her column on organic gardening, The Essential Kitchen Garden, is a monthly feature in The Hindu Metro Plus. Her next book, Mother Earth, Sister Seed, will be published by Penguin Random House in 2017. "
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