Another Chance At Life

Another Chance At Life


Should you move on if life gives you a second chance?

Aditya Arora spent the last years of high school watching his first love, Neela, die of cancer. College, he hopes, will be a fresh start. But when the past comes back to haunt him in the form of his late girlfriend's father, Professor Krishnan, the year soon turns out to be harder than his worst nightmare.

Thankfully, Aditya's not so far gone that he can't make friends. With the help of Kaveri, Justin and Mausammi, he slowly begins building resistance to Krishnan's spitefulness and anger.

As relationships change equations and academic pressures reach inhuman levels, Aditya learns some important lessons in trust, acceptance and, of course, moving on. Hopefully, he won't be the only one learning them!


228 Pages | ISBN13 9780143419518
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Shreya Jindal
Shreya Jindal
An English honours graduate from St. Stephen's College, Shreya Prabhu Jindal currently works as a sixth-grade English teacher in Mexico. She started writing in 2003, when, at the age of thirteen, she discovered the existence of fan fiction. She has continued to read and write fan fiction since and enjoys it immensely. Shreya has also dabbled in scriptwriting. In 2009 she co-scripted a short film, Kuch Spice to Make It Meetha, for MadMidaas Films. The film, which stars Purab Kohli and Nauheed Cyrusi, was an instant hit on YouTube when it was uploaded in February 2012. Another Chance at Life is her first book. It was followed by Simply Complicated, published in 2014.
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