Fugitive Histories

Fugitive Histories


"Mala’s home in Delhi is empty, save for a lifetime of sketches left behind by her late husband Asad and the memories they conjure. Sifting through them on restless afternoons and sleepless nights, Mala summons ghosts from her childhood, relives the heady days of love and optimism when Asad and she robustly defied social conventions to build a life together —and struggles to understand how events far removed could so easily snatch away the certainties they had always taken for granted. As their story unfolds, others emerge: Of Sara, Mala and Asad’s daughter, who, unable to commit to a cause that will renew her faith in her parents’ ideals and her own, embarks on a search for purpose that brings her from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, the venue of recent carnage. Of Yasmin, whom Sara meets across a lately created ‘border’, a survivor of mayhem secretly dreaming of college and the miraculous return of her missing brother, Akbar, as she navigates menacing by-lanes to reach her school safely every day. Of innumerable other lives trapped in limbo—some caught in a mesh of memory, anguish and hate; others seeking release in private dreams and valiant hopes. Marked by an astonishing clarity of observation and deep compassion, Fugitive Histories exposes the legacy of prejudice that, sometimes insidiously, sometimes perceptibly, continues to affect disparate lives in present-day India. In prose that is at once elegant, playful and startlingly inventive, Githa Hariharan portrays with remarkable precision the web of human connections that binds as much as it divides."


256 Pages | ISBN13 9780670082179
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Githa Hariharan
Githa Hariharan
Githa Hariharan has written novels, short fiction and essays over the last three decades. Her highly acclaimed work includes The Thousand Faces of Night which won the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book in 1993; the short story collection The Art of Dying; the essay collection Almost Home: Cities and Other Places; and the novels The Ghosts of Vasu Master, When Dreams Travel, In Times of Siege and Fugitive Histories. She has also edited A Southern Harvest, a volume of stories in English translation from four major South Indian languages, and From India to Palestine: Essays in Solidarity; and written and edited stories for children in the collections The Winning Team and Sorry, Best Friend! For more on this Delhi-based author and her work, visit www.githahariharan.com.
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