The Hotel At The End Of The World

The Hotel At The End Of The World


Join the Facebook Group here!In the hotel at the end of the PBI - World it’s business as usual, as Pema dishes up rice and pork curry to travellers who stop by for a drink and refuge from the rains. Everyone there has a story to tell, and at times they end up revealing more than they want to.On their journey to China, Kona and Kuja, bound together by fate, stumble upon the trail of the Floating Island, promised land of plenty. Pema’s story is about lost love, while her husband speaks of homesick Japanese soldiers in Manipur and the Naga hills during PBI - World War II. The Prophet takes us back to the quest for the Floating Island, leading us to the little girl’s story as she sets out to fetch water and chances upon something quite unexpected…


144 Pages | ISBN13 9780143102946
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Singh, Parismita
Singh, Parismita
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