Lucky Every Day

Lucky Every Day


"Lately, Lucky's life has seen nothing but trouble. Her marriage to the wealthy and charming Vikram ended badly, and along with it her career as a successful entrepreneur. It's time for her to start over, and Lucky is more than ready to move on. So Lucky goes to New York, where her quest to get her life back on track begins with promise. A voluntary assignment as a yoga instructor brings her some new and unusual friends, and a chance encounter with her old friend Amay makes her realize that a second chance at love might just be possible. And when she finds a job with a former associate, she can't help thinking that leaving Bombay was the best decision she ever made. But a series of dramatic events leaves Lucky feeling betrayed and looking for answers yet again. Her new life may not be everything she thought it was, but she soon learns that only she has the power to change her destiny ..."


320 Pages | ISBN13 9780143414087
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Bapsy Jain
Bapsy Jain
"A chartered accountant, Bapsy Jain is an entrepreneur and educator and divides her time between Singapore, Dubai and Bombay. Bapsy has stood on her head many times in the course of the ten years it has taken to complete this novel. She is married with two sons."
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