More Bodies Will Fall

More Bodies Will Fall


A girl from north-east India is murdered in Delhi. The main suspect is her 'Indian' boyfriend, but there isn't enough evidence to prove his guilt. Amid a growing outcry about police neglect and racial injustice, detective Arjun Arora reluctantly takes on this case. Immediately, he finds himself propelled into a tangled investigation that leads him beyond the hills of Nagaland and Manipur to the Indo-Myanmar border with new suspects emerging at every turn, including an American working at the US Embassy who may or may not be a CIA spy.
The search for answers embroils him in the dangerous new realities of the North-east--riven with strife and suffering--and also brings him face-to-face with an old enemy, culminating in an unexpected climax.


320 Pages | ISBN13 9780143424901
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Ankush Saikia
Ankush Saikia
Ankush Saikia was born in Tezpur, Assam. He worked in journalism and publishing in New Delhi for over a decade and was shortlisted for the Outlook-Picador India non-fiction writing award (2005). He is the author of The Girl from Nongrim Hills (2013), Dead Meat (2015) and Remember Death (2016), among others.
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