Vengeance of the Warrior


"All future is defined by the past. And therefore, the end is only the beginning . . . After burying the vicious Kalingan warrior, Akash, Tara and Zubin are continuing their lives as before, hiding the fact that they are a part of King Ashoka’s exalted NINE; hiding even, that each of them has powers that are to be used for the benefit of mankind, when needed. Except, things are not as quiet as they seem to be! The Kalingan warrior has risen once again—angrier and more vengeful. And this time he knows each one of them. If they don’t destroy him now, they will be hunted down and the world will be battling its worst, most terrifying chemical warfare yet. This second book in the NINE trilogy will change the way you look at time and space."


352 Pages | ISBN13 9780143418832
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Shobha Nihalani
Shobha Nihalani
Shobha Nihalani is the author of The Silent Monument. Her debut novel, Karmic Blues, was translated and published in Denmark. She has worked as a freelance journalist, copywriter, bookkeeper, English teacher and salesperson. She lives in Hong Kong with her family. Read more at
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