Dreams of Passion


"First published in 1984, to both notoriety and critical acclaim, Paro remains a social comedy without parallel in contemporary Indian writing. Paro, heroic temptress, glides like an exotic bird of prey through the world of privilege and Scotch that the rich of Bombay and Delhi inhabit. She is observed closely by the acid Priya, voyeur and obsessive diarist, who lost her heart to the sewingmachine magnate BR, and then BR to Paro. But he is merely one among a string of admirers. Paro has seduced many: Lenin, the Marxist son of a cabinet minister; the fat and sinister Shambhu Nath Mishra, Congress Party éminence grise; Bucky Bhandpur, test cricketer and scion of a princely family; Loukas Leoras, a homosexual Greek film director; and, very nearly, Suresh, the lawyer on the make whom Priya has married . . ."


164 Pages | ISBN13 9780143416968
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Namita Gokhale
Namita Gokhale
"Namita Gokhale was born in 1956. She is the author of four novels—Paro: Dreams of Passion; Gods, Graves and Grandmother; A Himalayan Love Story; and The Book of Shadows—and two books of non–fiction—Mountain Echoes and The Book of Shiva. Namita Gokhale lives in New Delhi."
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