Remember Death

Remember Death

An Arjun Arora Mystery


Detective Arjun Arora is summoned to Mumbai to track down an airhostess who has allegedly killed a bar dancer and vanished with a large sum of money. The search for Agnes Pereira leads Arjun on a nationwide hunt. But when their paths finally cross, everything spirals out of control.
From being hunted by a hitman to uncovering a deadly secret that implicates Delhi's rich and powerful, Arjun's life becomes an endless nightmare. Haunted by his personal demons and aware of his growing attraction to the beautiful, mysterious Agnes, Arjun realizes that sins from the past always cast their shadow over the present. But the closer he gets to the truth, the more terrifying the threat becomes to both of them.


432 Pages | ISBN13 9780143424895
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Ankush Saikia
Ankush Saikia
Ankush Saikia was born in Tezpur, Assam, in 1975, and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin; Assam; and Shillong, Meghalaya. He worked in journalism and publishing in New Delhi for over a decade and was shortlisted for the Outlook-Picador India non-fiction writing award (2005). He is the author of Dead Meat (2015), Remember Death (2016) and More Bodies Will Fall (2018), among others. Saikia is currently based in Shillong and Tezpur in North-east India.
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