The Return of Ravana: Book 2


Riveting! Like its reincarnated heroes, I was drawn again and again to David Hair's gripping, blood-soaked tale'w Two swayamvaras- 800 years apart, Four lives, interwined forever. And one implacable force of evil- Ravana reborn. Mumbai, October 2010: Bollywood actress Sunita Ashoka will marry the man who wins her hand in Swayamvara Live, a reality show on television. Vikram Khandavani decides to participate, for he needs to draw out his nemesis Ravindra. It is a deadly gamble, one that could cost him everything and everyone he loves. North India, 1175:King Prithvirak Chauhan is about to storm the swayamvara of the beautiful Sanyogita. But Ravindra is coming, riding at the side of a fierce invader. Only Vikram, in his life as Chand Bardai, stands between Ravindra and all the thrones of India. From the floodlit studios of Mumbai to glittering Rajput courts, Vikarm-Chand and his friends battle an age-old adversary whose power is growing like never before...


328 Pages | ISBN13 9780143331445
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David  Hair
David Hair
"David Hair is the author of Pyre of Queens, Swayamvara and The Bone Tiki, winner of Best First Book at the 2010 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards. The Bone Tiki and its sequels The Taniwha’s Tear and The Lost Tohunga are fantasy novels set in New Zealand. David is a New Zealander, who has worked primarily in financial services. He has a degree in History and Classical Studies. He has lived in New Delhi, India from 2007 to 2010, but usually resides in Wellington, New Zealand. Apart from writing, he is interested in folklore, history, and has a passion for football."
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