The Blind Pilgrim

The Blind Pilgrim


An inspiring novel about a women named Lucky who is anything but . . . Forced to flee Bombay when her wealthy and charming husband divorces her and squashes her career, Lucky Boyce feels defeated and desperate for respite. Fortunately, old friends welcome her to New York where life begins with promise. Determined and trying to make a difference, she volunteers to teach yoga to prison inmates. But with her confidence in question and love starting to surface, a series of bizarre events leave Lucky searching once again for answers. Is her journey through life destined to be marred by duplicity and betrayal? Or does she simply need to overcome her fears and look within for the strength to break free? A stunning novel about one woman's struggle toward enlightenment, Lucky Everyday blends the principles of yoga with a thoroughly modern take on the quest for a fulfilled life.


304 Pages | ISBN13 9780143103080
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Bapsy Jain
Bapsy Jain
"A chartered accountant, Bapsy Jain is an entrepreneur and educator and divides her time between Singapore, Dubai and Bombay. Bapsy has stood on her head many times in the course of the ten years it has taken to complete this novel. She is married with two sons."
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