The Professional

The Professional


It is a universally acknowledged truth that an immigrant in England must be in want of a visa. In 1980s London, young Sri Lankan Chamath, recently down from Oxford with a degree in Maths, struggles to reconcile himself with the workplace. When his father writes him to say, ‘You’re on your own now, mate’, assuming that the magic word ‘Oxford’ will open any door to him, he realizes that push must now come to shove. Working on a building site as a casual labourer, he is approached by two men who ask him whether he would like ‘a bit of work after hours, to earn some dosh on the side’. Chamath gets dragged down below the invisible grid that exists in any big city, into a blue-grey twilight world of illegals. Hired as a male escort, a ‘professional’, a career at which he excels to his great surprise, he finds an unlikely means of making his way through the world. Then, two former clients, an older couple, decide to rescue him—with disastrous consequences. Masterfully and hilariously told, The Professional is sage, canny and witty as Ashok Ferrey always is; an exploration of the nature and meaning of love, of time, of memory.


288 Pages | ISBN13 9780143440154
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Ashok Ferrey
Ashok Ferrey
Ashok Ferrey has been many things: failed builder, indifferent mathematician, barman, and personal trainer to the rich and the infamous. He is also an author. Ashok’s first two books, Colpetty People and The Good Little Ceylonese Girl, were each shortlisted for Sri Lanka’s Gratiaen Award and his third, the novel Serendipity, was shortlisted for the State Literary Award of 2009. He currently hosts an arts programme on Sri Lankan national television, The Ashok Ferrey Show, and is guest lecturer at the Sri Lanka Institute of Architecture. He lives in Colombo with his wife, two kids and his cholesterol.
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