The World’s Worst Boyfriend

The World’s Worst Boyfriend


Hate, is a four letter word.
So is love.
And sometimes, people can't tell the difference...

Dhurv and Aranya spend a good part of their lives trying to figure out why they want to destroy each other, why they hurt each other so deeply. And, why they can't stay away from each other.
The answer is just as difficult each time because all they've wanted is to do the worst, most miserable things to one another.
Yet there is something that tells them: THIS IS NOT IT.
If you want to know the answer to it all, read the book.


296 Pages | ISBN13 9780143424635
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Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, and completed a degree in
engineering and business management before embarking on a writing
career. His first book-Of Course I Love You . . .-was published
when he was twenty-one years old and was an instant bestseller.
His successive novels-Now That You're Rich . . .; She Broke Up, I
Didn't! . . .; Oh Yes, I'm Single! . . .; You Were My Crush . . .; If It's
Not Forever . . .; Till the Last Breath . . .; Someone Like You; Hold My
Hand; When Only Love Remains; World's Best Boyfriend; The Girl
of My Dreams; The Boy Who Loved and The Boy with the Broken
Heart-have also found prominence on various bestseller lists, making
him one of the highest-selling authors in India.
Durjoy also has to his credit nine television shows and has written
over a thousand episodes for television.
He lives in Mumbai. For more updates, you can follow him on
Facebook ( or Twitter (@durjoydatta)
or mail him at

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