Poet of the Revolution

Poet of the Revolution

The Memoirs of Lal Singh Dil


Lal Singh Dil is a legend in Punjab, famed as much for his rousing poetry as for the brew of his tea stall. Born into the 'untouchable' Dalit community in the years before partition, he bravely challenged deep-rooted social prejudices through his crisp and stirring verses. His struggle led him to join the Naxalite movement – an experience that culminated in three horrifying years of torture at the hands of the police. In his later years, much to the dismay of his comrades, he converted to Islam because he believed that its tenets could be reconciled with theegalitarian and inclusive principles of communism. A powerful indictment of caste violence and discrimination, Poet of the Revolution describes dil’s most turbulent years in his clear, fiery voice. Translated into English for the first time, this book also includes a selection of his most memorable poems.


216 Pages | ISBN13 9780670086559
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Nirupama Dutt
Nirupama Dutt
Nirupama Dutt is a poet, art critic and journalist who has published short stories in English and two anthologies of poetry in Punjabi and has received the Punjabi Akademi award for poetry. She has also translated into English the poems, short stories and plays of many contemporary Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu writers and has edited two anthologies of short stories by Pakistani writers and a collection of poetry from South Asia.
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