Path To Tranquility

Path To Tranquility

Daily Meditations


Sayings, prayers and stories drawn from the life and teachings of one of the worldýs greatest spiritual teachers. The quotations brought together here for the first time in the form of daily reflections, one for each day of the year, reflect His Holiness the Dalai Lamays inclusive vision of the world. He speaks in each of these with an endearing informality and practicality about almost every aspect of human life, dwelling on diverse issues ranging from religious differences to the ethics of advertising. Yet, in spite of his honest acceptance of the state of modern life, His Holiness never lets us forget the essential goodness of the human heart.Wise, humane and inspiring, these words will bring solace to young and old alike with their message of hope and their deep yet easily understandable philosophy of compassion and non-violence.


432 Pages | ISBN13 9780140277197
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Renuka Singh
Renuka Singh
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