A Hero in the Chair beside me

A Hero in the Chair beside me

a true-life success story


A gifted boy from a small town in newly independent India dreams of making a life in the big city in the 1950s. Suddenly, misfortune and tragedy beset his family, to which he is dearly attached. As responsibilities fall on his twelve-year old shoulders, he chooses his family's welfare over himself. He does not spare himself as he devotes his energy, attention, focus and time to the two priorities in his life: his family and his ambitions, in that order. Accolades and rewards begin to flow in early, followed by recognition, status and prosperity.

Devoted and indebted to his mother, whom he regards as a power-endowed ascetic, Girish Mohan Gupta continues to uphold the family and service to humanity as his highest values. Slowly, he moves from childhood, to his young adult years and then to a full-blooded householder's life, supporting ever-increasing family responsibilities, with an eye on philanthropy.
This thought-provoking account by Dr Gupta's daughter points to how success can be achieved, living life with dignity and honesty, and not giving in to despair in the face of great odds.


256 Pages | ISBN13 9780670091997
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Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra
Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra

Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra (Author)
Born in 1957, Mrinalini Patwardhan Mehra studied French literature and has a master's degree in specialized interpretation and translation from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A published novelist and poet, her first novel, By Which We See All Colours, was published by Full Circle Books in 2007. Mrinalini's first biography, Bansi Lal Ka Jahaaz, on the life of Shri Bansi Lal Nijhawan, was brought out by Penguin Books in 2015. A Hero in the Chair Beside Me is her fourth biography. Mrinalini lives in New Delhi, India.
For more information: www.mrinalinimehra.com.

Monika Kiran Aggarwal
Monika Kiran Aggarwal
Monica Kiran Aggarwal, born in 1969, completed her degree in statistics from Delhi University in 1991. She later studied textile designing from New Delhi and opened her own manufacturing and retail outlet of designer home linens under the brand name Paisleys Linen. Her pursuits include music, spiritual learning and writing. She lives with her family in New Delhi, India.
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