Churning the Earth

Churning the Earth

The Making of Global India


"Dazzled by India’s meteoric economic rise, we hesitate to acknowledge its costs to the people and the environment. In Churning the Earth, the authors engage in a timely inquiry and present incontrovertible evidence on how the nature of this recent growth has been predatory. Unfettered development has damaged the ecological basis that makes life possible for hundreds of millions and has increased the chasm between the rich and the poor, threatening the future of India as a civilization. Rich with data and stories, this eye-opening critique of India’s development strategy argues for a radical ecological democracy based on the principles of environmental sustainability, social equity and livelihood security. Churning the Earth is unique in presenting not only what is going wrong in India but also the ways out of the crisis that globalized growth has precipitated."


552 Pages | ISBN13 9780143422709
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Aseem Shrivastava
Aseem Shrivastava
Aseem Srivastava holds a doctorate in enviromental economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has taught econimics for many years in India and the US, and has also taught philosphy at Nordic College, Norway. Since 2005, he has been working independently, reserching, writing and lecturing internationally on issues associated with globalization and its impact. He was a speaker at the 2012 World Conservation Congress,in South Korea, and at the 2013 World Social forum, in Tunisia. He lives in Delhi.
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