End Of The Peace Process

End Of The Peace Process


The End Of The Peace Process is a new edition of Edward Said's passionate critique of the Oslo Accord and its aftermath, updated to include around twenty new essays about the events of 2000-1. Said brilliantly analyses the deficiencies of Oslo, and the reasons why the subsequent Middle East peace process failed so disastrously. His criticism of the Accord has proved acutely prescient; but he retains hope, writing in an impassioned new introduction about the growing non-violent, secular Palestinian movements, and calling for those on the Israeli, European and American left to support it.


448 Pages | ISBN13 9780143029205
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Edward W. Said
Edward W. Said
Edward W. Said was a university professor at Columbia University. He was born in Jerusalem in 1935 and educated in Egypt and the United States. His other books include The Question of Palestine, Culture and Imperialism and Out of Place: A Memoir.
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