The Essential Kerala Cook Book

The Essential Kerala Cook Book


In recent times, the coconut-flavoured cuisine of the Malayalis has gained immense popularity. Appam and Istoo, Avial and Olan, Irachi Biryani and Pathiri, all these and more are now served in restaurants and homes all over India. In this collection, the author hilights recipes that are considered to be specialities of dofferent regions and communities of the state, from the typical vegetarian hindu dishes of Palakkad to the syrian christian delicacies of Tranvancore


300 Pages | ISBN13 9780143029502
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Kannampilly, Vijayan
Kannampilly, Vijayan
Vijayan Kannampilly is an artist and writer. While he enjoys cooking, he finds the history and culture of the different cuisines, both in India and abroad, equally fascinating. He lives in Kochi and Delhi.
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