Everyman’s War

Everyman’s War

Strategy, Security and Terrorism in India


What do Naxal terrorists have in common with Somali pirates?
What man-made event triggers more refugees than all wars put together?
How do terrorist movements end? And how can you help?

Everyman’s War is a collection of insightful essays that describe our participatory role in securing ourselves and our progeny. Defence, internal security, and terrorism are important yet closely guarded issues. Even as outrage over safety of women and rising terror take centrestage, there continues to be limited access to information on the subjects of national defence and security—especially in a language that a layman can understand. Raghu Raman, an expert on security and terrorism, presents issues of defence, strategy and national security in an engaging narrative, with historical and contemporary examples. He recalibrates the great ‘India rising’ story with its real and present dangers and the role of a regular citizen in this everyman’s war.


240 Pages | ISBN13 9788184004267
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Raghu Raman
Raghu Raman
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