Fateful Triangle

Fateful Triangle

How China Shaped US-India Relations During the Cold War


A key question today is whether India and the United States can or should develop ever-closer ties as a way of countering China's desire to be the dominant power in the broader Asian region. In Fateful Triangle, Tanvi Madan argues that history shows that such a partnership is neither inevitable nor impossible.
Drawing on documents from India and the US, Fateful Triangle contends that China's influence on the US-India relationship is not a recent phenomenon. It demonstrates that US and Indian perceptions of and their policies towards China shaped US-India relations in three crucial decades, from 1949 to 1979, in significant and complex ways.
Fateful Triangle updates our understanding of the diplomatic history of US-India relations, highlighting China's central role in it, reassesses the origins and practice of Indian foreign policy and non-alignment, and provides historical context to the interactions between the three countries.


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Tanvi Madan
Tanvi Madan
Tanvi Madan is a senior fellow in the foreign policy programme at the Brookings Institution, where she specializes in Indian foreign policy. Her work focuses on India's relations with China and the United States, and India's role in the Indo-Pacific.
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