Goal, Butterfingers!

Goal, Butterfingers!


Butterfingers is back, and ready to strike!
Obsessed with football, Amar comes up with a
brilliant plan-a school football tournament where
each class will play as a different 'country'. But like
all Butterfingers plans, this too is doomed to run
into obstacles. But with Butterfingers as the goalie,
does his team really have a chance?
Full of action and adventure, Goal, Butterfingers!,
the second book in the Butterfingers series, will
make you lose yourself in the hilarious exploits of
Amar and his friends as they hurtle through various
hare-brained schemes.


184 Pages | ISBN13 9780143332084
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Khyrunnisa A.
Khyrunnisa A.

Khyrunnisa A., prize-winning author of children's fiction, loves reading, writing and children. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for the children's magazine Tinkle. Her five previous
books in the Butterfingers series include three novels, Howzzat Butterfingers! (2010), Goal, Butterfingers! (2012) and Clean Bowled, Butterfingers! (2015), and two collections of short stories, The Misadventures of Butterfingers (2016) and Run, It's Butterfingers Again! (2017). This book, like the previous collections, includes stories
that have appeared in Tinkle in comic-strip form.
Some of her stories, for children and for adults, have been published in various anthologies. A collection, Lost in Ooty and Other Adventure Stories, was brought out in 2010. Her stories appear regularly in Dimdima, and she had a fortnightly column, Inside View, in The Hindu MetroPlus.
She worked as associate professor of English at All Saints' College, Thiruvananthapuram, and is now a full-time writer. Visit her at www.khyrunnisa.com and connect with her at khyrubutter@yahoo.com.

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